Airline crews and travel professionals coming together to support frontline heroes
Mobilizing volunteers from the travel industry to support frontline health care heroes with pop-up lounges in hospitals
Project Wingman USA


The successful initiative has since expanded to multiple hospitals across the U.K and have more than 4,500 volunteers. In early May, we launched Project Wingman USA at two of NYC's most affected hospitals: Flushing Hospital Medical Center and Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. They are, fittingly, the official hospitals for LaGuardia and JFK airports, respectively.

For the NYC , we welcome travel professionals to sign up to volunteer, and we hope to expand to other U.S. cities at a later stage. We currently have volunteers from American Airlines, Delta, Endeavor Air, JetBlue, Norwegian Air, Spirit, Republic and United Airlines, as well as the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel Group.

You can read more about Project Wingman USA in this NY Daily News feature.

What does Project Wingman do?
Uniformed pilots and crew from any airline are welcome to volunteer in the First class lounges created inside the hospitals for medical professionals to relax in and take their mind off COVID-19. Our volunteers will provide doctors and nurses with a space to unwind, de-compress and destress before, during and after their shifts.

If you are airline crew with transferable skills, you can volunteer and help support the doctors and nurses working on the frontline to save patients of COVID-19. While you will not be patient-facing, you will help create a First Class environment for the hardworking health care professionals to relax and wind down.

Your time and skills are extremely valuable in this setting. Crew are all trained in human factors and how to communicate with colleagues who are in stressful situations. The ability to chat as fellow professionals who understand what it is like to operate in a highly disciplined, regulated and pressured environment goes a long way in bonding and shared experience and empathy. Medical staff need to talk about their job with people who can empathize with the pressures involved.
How can I volunteer?
Project Wingman is a volunteer opportunity for all pilots and cabin crew regardless of what airline you work for, as long as you are a current employee with a valid ID. Please go to our volunteer page to find out more information and sign up.
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Project Wingman USA

How can I donate or support?

Please contact us directly to let us know what you can support and specifically to which hospital. It can be anything from snacks, coffee/drinks, cookies and food to products that doctors and nurses might need. All donations will go directly to the medical staff.
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