Project Wingman in details
What is Project Wingman?
When was Project Wingman USA launched?
Are you only doing this in NYC in the US?


Who can volunteer?
Why should I volunteer?
Is it safe to volunteer?
What shifts are available?
Do I have to wear my uniform?
How many volunteers per shift?
Will I be compensated?


How can I donate or support?
Can you pick up donations?
Can I donate money to support?


How can we get a First Class lounge in our hospital?
What does the hospital have to provide?


How can we donate snack boxes, amenity kits or other suitable material?
How can our crew volunteer?
How can we share information about Project Wingman with our crew?
How you can collaborate

Would you like to volunteer and help out in any way possible.

Do reach out.


Do you work for a hospital that you believe could benefit from Project Wingman?

If so, please click the button below

Request a wingman

Donate anything from snacks, coffee/drinks, cookies and food to products that doctors and nurses might need. For cash donations please click our GoFundMe link below.