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If you are airline crew or travel industry professional with transferable skills, you can volunteer and help support the doctors and nurses working on the frontline to save patients of COVID-19. While you will not be patient-facing, you will help create a First Class environment for the hardworking health care professionals to relax and wind down. Click the button below and let us know who you are, and where you are, and our team will help match you to a hospital in need of your skills and support.

Please note that all communication will be via Slack, so don’t forget to download the app after you’ve registered, thank you.

The concept is simple

Create an area in the hospital where staff can come in before, during or after shifts to decompress, switch off, and be looked after by uniformed aircrew for the duration of their break. 

Crew can provide sympathetic listening and attention, having shared experience of working in a highly disciplined, regulated and stressful environment. Crew can also support staff practically by finding out either what they need in terms of provisions (many staff sleep in the hospital or at local donated hotel rooms between shifts) or any organizational matters which need taking care of. The core skill of crews being able to work in a command/process chain will be particularly effective in this regard.

As a volunteer you will never been patient-facing. Instead you will be working in one of the safest and most sanitized areas within the hospital. There are also remote volunteer opportunities, specifically for any crews with underlying conditions.

You can also

Request a wingman

Do you work for a hospital that you believe could benefit from Project Wingman? If so, please get in touch.

Request a wingman

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Are you a business or individual who want to support our initiative? Let us know how you would like to support, offering products or services, or donate money to purchase more refreshments and necessities for the doctors and nurses.